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A case study from Talk Green…

We were instructed to undertake a residential Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) a few months ago, on a top floor flat in Nottingham. Upon arrival at the property the landlord advised that due to the up and coming Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards MEES he wasn’t sure what rating the property would be able to achieve and if it wasn’t high enough he would then potentially be looking to offload the property “As it is has solid walls, storage heaters and very little if any loft insulation”. Proceeding to do the EPC and talk with the owner at the same time it quickly became apparent that the landlord owned not only the top floor flat but also the two flats below. Proceeding to complete the EPC, and as we are able to provided LIVE data we advised the owner that the property was in deed a low band ‘F’ category.

Immediately this rang alarm bells with the landlord, although confirmed what he was sort of expecting. As part of the service we offer we the proceeded to advise the client that initially we could arrange for loft insulation to be installed to the latest regs for little or no cost. We were even able to specify exactly what positive difference that this would make to the EPC as we were working on our LIVE system.

The landlord, delighted by this, agreed to get the loft insulation to improve the rating. Unfortunately, and mainly down to the storage heaters, we proceeded to advise that client that although this would be beneficial to the sitting tenant, it would also be beneficial to look at all three flats as a whole unit, in terms of a whole house refurbishment, with the benefit of the funding that are able to secure for External Wall Insulation.

Suffice to say, three months on we have had the top floor flat loft insulated and ALL of the flats have had the benefit of External Wall Insulation fitted with ALL of the EPC properties achieving a ‘D’ category rating, which will be needed for all properties sooner rather than later.

If you’re concerned about a property that you own and it’s energy efficiency then contact Gareth Lawton at Talk Green for a free consultation.


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