Nottinghamshire Selective Licensing Update


Yesterday I attended the EMPO (East Midlands Property Owners) and DASH (Decent and Safe Homes) event updating about the selective licensing schemes across Nottinghamshire. The talks gave updates on Nottingham City’s proposed scheme, Gedling’s proposed scheme and updates on how Ashfeld’s scheme has been running since it’s implementation earlier this year…

Nottingham City

In November 2016 Nottingham City Council (NCC) voted to commence a city wide selective licensing consultation impacting 35,000 homes. The 11 week public consultation ended on 31st March 2017 and produced just 1,466 responses. Having considered the responses, on 18th July 2017 NCC approved a revised scheme now impacting 32,000 homes. The fee per property will be £655 for non accredited landlords and £400 for accredited landlords (see my previous post about becoming accredited). The fee is paid in two parts. The first payment on application and the second on notification by NCC to grant a licence. Due to the size of the scheme, NCC is required to seek permission from the Secretary of State and this was sought a the end of September 2017. If approved the scheme will potentiall remove circa £20m from the Nottingham Private Rented Sector (PRS) and will be the third largest scheme in England. The decision from the Secretary of State is due in January 2018.


Gedling Borough Council (GBC) have a consultation running until the 5th January 2018 and you can respond to it via their website. GBC believes a scheme is the only option available to compel landlords to improve management practices leading to a better housing and an environment where a balanced housing market and positive economic and social change will be assured. Netherfield is identified as one of the 15 Partnership Plus areas (high crime/ASB hotspots) within Nottinghamshire where evidence suggests the PRS delivers substandard accommodation. In Netherfield there were over 400 reports of fly tipping in 2016, some attributed to the PRS. Under this selective licensing proposal landlords will need to take more responsibility for the storage and disposal of rubbish arising from their properties.

Within GBC enforcement area, Netherfield has experienced the highest number of service requests made about housing conditions during 2012-16 period. GBC believes 680 properties will fall under licensing based on housing data captured from the 2011 census (22.5% of the ward is privately rented). The proposed scheme will be entirely self financing. The fee for non accredited landlords will be £675 and accredited landlords £650, per property. GBC is conducting a briefing meeting on Tuesday 21st November at their offices. Details can be found here.


The selective licensing scheme in Ashfield was implemented on 1st February 2017. 463 properties are affected under the designation in Stanton Hill and Central Sutton In Ashfield. The Council has revised the number of properties to 956 after 113 landlords were registered as living at their rental properties therefore they were not originally identified as within the PRS. The fee is £350 per property for non accredited landlords and £250 for accredited landlords (though I believe the discounted period has ended). A property inspection will take place prior to issuing the licence and a follow up HHSRS inspection after the licence is issued. The scheme has forced a number of rogue landlords to sell their properties and there have been 56% less complaints being made about waste problems. Some stats from Ashfield Council since their scheme has been up and running;

  • 950 properties require a licence
  • 536 landlords have actively engaged
  • 279 applications are being processed
  • 63 properties have been rewired
  • 43 properties have had new roofs and windows
  • 8 properties have been identified as high risk

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