Risking my life for a client


Well, obviously (and thankfully) I survived to tell the tale but this week I have literally risked my life for a client.

OK, so it is a little dramatic, but one of our many services is sourcing investment properties for clients. Doesn’t sound too life threatening you say? Well you haven’t seen some of the properties I visit!

The property in question is going under the hammer (should really be going under the wrecking ball) on the 14th October in the WA Barnes auction.

Before stepping foot in the property the agent made me sign a form to say that they were not responsible should anything happen and that I do so at my own risk. The property looks as though it has been empty for a good 10+ years apart from a number of unwelcome visitors. You enter the hallway which leads to the front room, dining room and then the kitchen to the rear. The staircase is located between the front room and dining room. I was advised that most of the dining room floor was rotten so didn’t venture in there.


As you can see (just) from the photo, the staircase consisted of loose bricks, a plastic box and then the actual staircase. The first 4 steps must have rotted away and all the right hand side of the staircase had little or no support from underneath. You had to cling onto the handrail and creep up the very left hand side. The garden looked like a scene out of Jumanji and aside from 2 large radiators (too big to carry) all the metal had kindly been removed from the property.

Still, despite the substantial refurbishment, on paper it could prove to be a good investment with the potential to convert it into a good 5/6 bedroom HMO. Will the risk turn into reward? We shall see on the 14th October…

If you’re looking for that next investment but don’t have the time or knowledge on where to start then get in touch.


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