Another chilly day in Newark and another week of properties to poke around! We’ve got 8 new potential investments this week from £120k to £150k in various styles and locations. I’ve added some comments and given you an idea of what you can expect rent wise if you go for it.

Address: Clarks Lane, Newark, NG24 2EF
Asking Price: £140,000
Property Type: 3 Bed Semi Detached House
Estate Agent: Purple Bricks
Condition: Ready to Rent
Rent Range: £550-600pcm
Yield: 5.14%
Comments: Good little house, the garage has been removed for additional living space and good spot tenants working at Knowhow and NSK. Just note that properties in this area take longer to rent than others.

Address: 2 Friary Rd, Newark NG24 1LE
Asking Price: £150,000
Property Type: 3 Bedroom Terrace
Estate Agent: Newton & Fallowell
Condition: Ready to Rent
Rent Range: £545-595pcm
Yield: 4.76%
Comments: Really well presented house with no work required, lack of parking may put tenants off and the same with the downstairs bathroom. EPC E so bare in mind that regulations may change so you’ll need to spend money.

Address: Warwick Brewery, The Cavalier Building, Newark, NG24 1TL
Asking Price: £135,000
Property Type: 2 Bedroom First Floor Duplex Apartment
Estate Agent: Belvoir!
Condition: Minor Work
Service Charge: TBC
Rent Range: £600-650pcm
Yield: 5.77% (exc service and maintenance charges)
Comments: Popular apartment block, no work required but the electric heating isn’t for everyone. Service and maintenance charges are often around £1k here so check before committing.

Address: 36 Pinfold Lane Balderton, Newark NG24 3LP
Asking Price: £125,000
Property Type: 3 Bedroom Mid Terrace
Estate Agent: Richard Watkinson & Partners
Condition: Minor Work
Rent Range: £525-575pcm
Yield: 5.52%
Comments: A bit vanilla, pretty spacious but just not overly inspiring. Busy road with minimal parking. Lose the blue tiles in the kitchen, paint the woodwork white in the dining room if nowhere else to make it lighter (no window!). Could rent as is for £525pcm but you’ll get better and longer tenants if you spruce it up.

Buttercross Best Buy
Address: 2 Dovedale Terrace, Fernwood, Newark, NG24 3UU
Asking Price: £122,950
Property Type: 2 Bedroom Mid Terrace House
Estate Agent: Newton & Fallowell and Haart
Condition: Ready to Rent
Rent Range: £525-575pcm
Yield: 5.61%
Comments: On with two agents, someone’s keen to get rid! They’ve only been in since March last year..hopefully it’s not bad neighbours. Bought for £117,500, it’s not changed aside from the master bedroom; we let the same property style on Rubys Walk last year for £575pcm.

Address: 6 Whitfield Street,Newark NG24 1QX
Asking Price: £120,000
Property Type: 2 Bedroom Terrace
Estate Agent: The Nottingham Estate Agency
Condition: Neutralise!
Rent Range: £500-550pcm
Yield: 5.5%
Comments: Purchased for £109k in 2015, no previous photos of the bathroom but it looks pretty new along with a bit of paint and marvel wallpaper! Big marvel fan but i’d suggest losing it and maybe update those kitchen tiles if you can. Seems cheap, last couple of two beds have sold for £132,500 and £120k in lesser condition.

Address: Apartment 301, The Tankard Building, Warwick Brewery, Newark, NG24 1TL
Asking Price: £130,000
Property Type: 2 Bedroom First Floor Apartment
Estate Agent: Newton Fallowell
Condition: Ready to Rent
Service Charge: £949.24 PA
Maintenance Charge: £100 PA
Rent Range: £600-650pcm
Yield: 5.95%%
Comments: Same as above, popular area and allocated parking. Good location for the train station. Honestly, i think the apartment above has a more appealing layout and is lighter.

Address: Charles Street, Newark, NG24 1RL
Asking Price: £125,000
Property Type: 2 Bed Mid Terrace House
Estate Agent: Purple Bricks
Condition: Ready to Rent
Rent Range: £500-550pcm
Yield: 5.28%
Comments: Small! It looks very cramped but that could just be the size of furniture, the kitchen is so small and will put tenants off even though it’s modern. Tone down the wallpaper throughout.

So that’s this weeks selection, a couple of good potentialy investments here, give me a call on 01636 343014 or even pop in to the office for a chat to let me know what you think :).


And the winner of the Best Letting Agent in Nottinghamshire is…


Not only that, but we won the local awards for Newark and NG24 too. Fan-bloody-tastic!

Take a look here. AllAgents collect feedback from customers on their experience with agents. It’s all impartial, free and as the name suggests, all agents are listed. Considering there are 244 agents listed on Rightmove in Nottinghamshire, that’s not too shabby!

Given we’re not yet into our third full year I’d say that’s a massive achievement but a real testament to the business we’ve created. A letting agency is a tough business to get right as we’re sat between sometimes two opposing customers (landlord and tenant) but by ensuring we only deal with those that share our beliefs it means we can deliver a great service to all.

And last, but by no means least, it’s no co-incidence that these awards have come within 12 months (literally 3 days within 12 months) of Abi joining the business. Her energy, positivity and attention to customer’s needs has really shone through in the feedback we have received. Keep up the great work Abi as we’ve got 3 awards to retain next year!

Gathering feedback and implementing improvements will always be a massive part of our business to ensure we stay well in front of the competition. This is a really exciting time for Buttercross Estates and all our customers and I just want to thank you all for being part of it.

I’m off to buy a hot chocolate to celebrate. Here’s to another great year.