Refurbish it and they will come


In Kevin Costner’s 1989 movie, “Field Of Dreams” he’s standing in a corn field and hears a voice tell him “If you build it, he will come”. I’ve never seen the film but I’m guessing he was a landlord too.

I’m a big advocate of investing into your properties and refurbishing them. Think about it, if you’re house looks and smells like a sewer, who’s going to live there… rats! On the other hand, if you’ve got a lovely, high quality palace then you’d probably use the phrase “fit for a Queen”.

I see far too many shoddy properties coming to the letting market where landlords have failed to invest or improve the property. This reluctance to improve will end up producing a downward spiral of lower rent, worse tenants, poorer property, longer voids, lower rent, worse tenants etc.

Refurbish your homes to a good quality and good quality tenants will come. A good property will produce an upward spiral of lower voids, higher rent, better tenants, better property etc.

OK, so we know Kevin Costner wasn’t really a landlord, but the idea can be used across all parts of life. I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction and think it can be a very powerful tool in life and business. Those that know me will know that I am a believer in doing things to the best you can. We started Buttercross Estates with the mindset of providing the best service to both landlords and tenants as we can. We have built a company that delivered a high quality service and guess what? We attracted the high quality landlords and tenants. Those that shared our values and beliefs of being better. Better tenants and better landlords renting through a better system and service.

One simple example is of a 6 bed HMO that we let for a landlord. Below are a couple of photos of an en-suite room the previous agent was advertising at £85 per week.

Belvoir Room 6

Belvoir Room 6 again

After making a few suggestions to the landlord, he put down new carpets throughout, bought new beds and some bedding for the photos. The result was this…

Buttercross Estates Bed 6

We let this room for £110 per week just by turning it into a room you would actually want to live in. Overall, our suggestions and marketing made the landlord an additional £3,300 per year. He’ll also benefit from lower void periods and better quality tenants. He’s now going on to purchase another 4 bed house that we will convert into a high quality 5 bed boutique HMO in Newark.

Next time you’re letting a property just have a think about who it would appeal to. Or who you would want to appeal to. If you want a good tenant, refurbish it and they will come.